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We don’t call it LCSWebZ Toll-Free for nothing. Not only do your customers get to call you for free, they also see an increase in enquiries by up to 40%, according to our in-house research. Use it on your business card, website or in your ads to get more leads. With a bunch of great features such advanced analytics, whitelisting, call routing and welcome greeting in any language, topped with highly competitive pricing, this is a solution that’ll pay for itself.


How They Use It

Companies across verticals have benefited from the use of LCSWebZ Toll-Free number. Here are a few examples.

Real Estate










Track and analyse which channel is drawing maximum return on investment.













Virtual numbers let you track the source of an incoming call, which is most beneficial while running ad campaigns and for ROI tracking. Adding a toll-free or a local number can improve your lead generation by up to 40%













Adding a toll-free or local number can improve lead generation by up to 40%. Our customers in real-estate hugely benefit from our toll-free numbers. Read about one of them, here

Packed With Powerful Features

Mobile app

Through a pop-up, get the history and profile of the person calling you. Listen to recordings and build your sales funnel — straight from your mobile.


Create a virtual meeting room anywhere. Share your phone number and conference PIN with up to 9 other participants and create a secure conference call room no matter where you are. No hassles of patchy internet connectivity.

Multi-Agent Access

Divides responsibility and allows your executives to access their call logs even when you’re not available.

Unified Management

Add or delete forwarding numbers, access logs and recordings, listen to voicemails and modify your call settings from a single panel.

CRM Integration

It’s ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM, such as FreshDesk, Salesforce and Zendesk, ensures that your records are always up-to-date.

Sticky Agent

A great feature that gives your repeat callers a personalized customer experience. Repeat callers get forwarded to the same agent who handled their calls before. This increases efficiency, saves time on resolution of issues and portrays you as a company that takes its customers seriously.

Outbound Calling

Every call made through your toll-free number is recorded and synced with your CRM. Listen to past conversations of agents and customers, anytime

Call Recording

Every call you make or receive is recorded. So monitoring the quality of your customer support or analyzing calls from customers and prospects is as easy as pushing a button.